Uncle Jesse's Adventures in Babysitting is episode 31 of Fuller House.  


Fernando, with the help of Jimmy, is throwing a small housewarming party for the grown-ups in the Gibbler house next door. Unbeknown to Kimmy, Fernando and Jimmy have restored the Gibbler home back to its former glory.

Jesse is babysitting the kids, and brought baby Pamela with him. After a bunch of shenanigans, Jesse wonders how he ever raised kids and starts to feel pretty down about his parenting skills.

Guest Cast


  • When Jesse and the kids are playing with ketchup, some of Jesse's stains disappear and reappear.
  • The Gibbler house is shown for the first time but, in the establishing shots, none of the houses surrounding it was the Tanners' house, whereas they were supposed to be next to one another.




For all screencaps from Uncle Jesse's Adventures in Babysitting see here

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