Triple Date is episode 8 of season 2 of Full House.


Danny has a new girlfriend named Denise, and he invites Denise and her two friends Zoey and Cheryl for dinner so they both can get a nice meal. It turns out that Denise is a woman that Jesse once dated, that even named her dog after him, and this has Danny wondering if there could possibly be a woman in San Francisco that Jesse hasn't dated. Zoey doesn't like Joey's jokes, but Joey and Cheryl get along with each other just fine. Danny is depressed because Denise is still hung up on Jesse and she can't get her mind off of him because she thinks she and Jesse have an opportunity to get back together, until a talk with Jesse finally has Denise coming to her senses.

Stephanie causes D.J. to accidentally drop Danny's wedding ring down the drain in the sink. With a little work, Zoey and the guys help D.J. and Stephanie get the ring back, though their bathroom is flooded.