The House Meets the Mouse: Part 2 is episode 24 and the final of season 6 of Full House.


Michelle uses her second wish to have a tea party. Jesse and Joey do their report underwater in a diving bell. However, Joey is afraid to go back up when he sees a shark, which causes Jesse to miss his picnic with Becky. Much to Stephanie's annoyance, Michelle, after running away, gets in trouble but still gets to have her tea party.

When they go see the Indiana Jones Stunt Show, Danny reveals that he has found an uninterrupted way to propose to Vicki. After the show, Stephanie asks to go back to the hotel because she is tired. Stephanie also says under her breath that her day wasn't as big as Michelle's and Michelle hears this.

While D.J. and Kimmy are at the hotel, they see Steve there checking in, and says he could not stand to be away from D.J. Michelle does the right thing and uses her third wish to give Stephanie her "Princess of the Day" title. The whole family then ride on the main float with Mickey Mouse. They all then go to Jesse's concert and he dedicates "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" to Becky. As the fireworks go into the sky, one reads "Vicky, will you marry me?" and Vicki says "yes".


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