Terror in Tanner Town is episode 10 of season 4 of Full House.


Rusty, the son of Danny's girlfriend, Cindy, pulls a number of pranks on the Tanners, such as Danny getting his hair green from the shampoo, Jesse spilling salt, Joey spilling milk, Danny having the tablecloth tucked into his pants and pulling the dinner off the table, giving D.J. and Stephanie gum that blackens their teeth, Rusty feeding Comet the rump roast while D.J. and Stephanie are washing him, locking Jesse, Becky, Stephanie, and D.J. in their rooms, taping over Joey's tape, making Danny fall into a mud puddle while he and Rusty are playing football and getting Michelle's eye painted black from looking into his kaleidoscope. Danny learns that he's been doing all that because his parents are divorced and he wants his parents to get back together. In the end the sisters pull the perfect prank on him for revenge: When he opens the cupboard, Michelle starts spraying whipped cream and her sisters join in.