Taylor is a recurring character in Fuller House. He is portrayed by Lucas Jaye



Student at Harvey Milk Elementary School


Season 1

Secrets, Lies, & Firetrucks

While Max is showing off what tricks Cosmo (can't) do, Taylor brags about how his dad taught their dog to open the fridge and bring him a beer. When Taylor mentions he has been in the cockpit of an airplane, Max lies about being able to ride in a firetruck any time he wants. Taylor suggests Max bring a firetruck to his birthday party the following day. After help from Jackson, Danny and Kyle, Max rides a firetruck to Taylor's party and everyone at the party gets to ride on it.

Season 2

Curse of Tanner Manor

A Tangled Web

Season 3

Break a Leg

Taylor turns up to Max's backyard while Rose is there attending Max's pool party. Taylor tells Max that he and Rose used to date when they where in kindergarten and the relationship lasted for 3 recesses, and she even made him a hand turkey. While there Taylor brags about having a new above ground pool and proceeds to invite Rose for a swim, she declines. Rose makes his and her hand turkeys for Max and herself and makes sure Taylor knows it, by showing Max in front of Taylor.



  • Larry - Father
  • Dog - Pet


  • He has a blog
  • He and Max play racquetball together


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