Stephanie Judith Tanner is a main character in Fuller House.  


Season 1

Stephanie is D.J.'s younger sister. She put on hold her travelling plans to move in to her old home to help raise D.J.'s children. Stephanie has been living in England and has developed a (bad) English accent, which disappeared once Kimmy got her shoes off. Stephanie has a deejaying career as "DJ Tanner", and she is aspiring towards a career as a singer.

Stephanie has a few guys pass through her life but nothing too serious. She tells D.J. she found out she is unable to have children around the same time Tommy passed away and didn't want to trouble her with the news.

Season 2

Stephanie spent her summer in London, she is currently dating Kimmy's brother Jimmy, and even wrote a song about their relationship.

Season 3

Becky surprises Stephanie with an appointment for a pelvic ultrasound, where she learns that she still has a few viable eggs, making it possible for her to have a child of her own via surrogate. Jimmy tells Stephanie that he wants to be her baby daddy

Affectionate Names

A list of affectionate names Jimmy calls Stephanie


  • Member of the She-Wolf Pack
  • She was a bridesmaid at Kimmy's 1st wedding to Fernando
  • Unable to conceive a baby
  • Allergic to shrimp
  • Still owns Mr. Bear


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