Secret Admirer is episode 11 of season 4 of Full House.


During the Tanners' family picnic, Rusty – intrigued by D.J.'s liking for Ricky, the paperboy – types a love note for D.J. as a prank, and tells Michelle to give it to her sister and say it's from the paperboy. However, Michelle mistakenly gives it to Stephanie and says it's from Rusty. Through a chain reaction, Danny's girlfriend, Cindy, believes that Joey loves her, Joey believes Cindy loves him, Becky believes that Danny loves her, Kimmy believes that Jesse loves her, Jesse believes that either Danny or Joey is in love with Becky, Danny and Joey both believe that Becky loves them, and, ironically fooled by his own prank, Rusty believes that D.J. loves him. Finally, Michelle tells them that Rusty typed the note, and they all chase him.