Season 2 of Fuller House.


Begins 8 weeks after season 1. D.J. spent the last few weeks with herself, figuring out which of the two men she wants to be with. Just as she has reached her decision, both Matt Harmon (John Brotherton) and Steve Hale (Scott Weinger) announce they have girlfriends. Kimmy Gibbler's goofy brother Jimmy Gibbler (Adam Hagenbuch) turns up, who becomes a wonderful love interest for Stephanie. Kimmy and Fernando are still a little crazy together, and they even get to do a little Lucy and Ricky duet.

Jackson and Ramona have crushes on each other's best friends, Max meets his soulmate and Tommy just wants to have fun.

Jesse Katsopolis (John Stamos) and Rebecca Katsopolis (Lori Loughlin) struggle with an important life decision - adoption! Joey Gladstone's (Dave Coulier) wife and kids make an appearance.

Special holiday episodes include - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and bring in the New Year with a new addition to the family.




Ep #


Ep #


Ep #

Episode Title
1 14 206 Welcome Back
2 15 207 Mom Interference
3 16 208 Ramona's Not-So-Epic First Kiss
4 17 209 Curse of Tanner Manor
5 18 210 Doggy Daddy
6 19 211 Fuller Thanksgiving
7 20 212 Girl Talk
8 21 213 A Tangled Web
9 22 214 Glazed and Confused
10 23 215 New Kids in the House
11 24 216 DJ and Kimmy's High School Reunion
12 25 217 Nutcrackers
13 26 218 Happy New Year, Baby


Fuller House season 2 DVD contains all 13 episodes of season 2 in a 2 disc set. Subtitles included are English and Parisian French. Languages include English. Short descriptions of each episode can be found on the inside of the cover insert. Presented in 16:9 Widescreen with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. There are no extra features included.


Fuller House Season 2 screencaps

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