Rose is a recurring character in Fuller House. She is portrayed by Mckenna Grace


Full Name Rose Hefferphizer-Harbenberger
Education Student


Season 2


Happy New Year, Baby

Season 3

Break a Leg

While Rose attends Max's pool party in his backyard, Taylor turns up to stir things up. He tells Max that he and Rose used to date when they where in kindergarten and the relationship lasted for 3 recesses. While there Taylor invites Rose to his new above ground pool for a swim, she declines. Rose makes his and her hand turkeys for Max and herself and makes sure Taylor knows it, by showing Max in front of Taylor.

Declarations of Independence

When Max tries to impress Rose with a little of his own version of fireworks, it blows up in is face and she laughs at him. After "Danny Tanner's World's cleanest pie eating contest" Danny helps sort out Rose and Max's problem. Rose suggests that she and Max hold hands and skip around.


  • CJ - Mother



  • Has a pet rabbit called Jack
  • Titanic is her all time favourite movie


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