Rocki Mahan is a character in Fuller House.  


Season 3

Best Summer Ever

Rocki introduces herself to Jackson on the first day of summer school. Clearly she is smart and only attends summer school because she was skipping classes. Rocki draws cat features all over Jackson's face and a tulip on the small of his back, after he falls asleep snoring in class. When her mother drives her to The Tanner House to apologise to Jackson, D.J. finds out Gia is Rocki's mother.

My Little Hickey

Rocki is part of Jackson's study group

Say Yes to the Dress

Rocki and Gia walk in on Fernando singing 'Livin la Vida Loca'. After her mother texts Stephanie, Rocki has to spend the night in Ramona's room. After spending lots of time with the Fullers, Rocki starts to change. She doesn't wear black and she gets along with Tommy Jr.

Fast Times at Bayview High

Rocki spreads a false rumour about Jackson being a good kisser after he becomes the school joke. Popular student Sienna doesn't believe the rumour and when Sienna is about to test her theory, Rocki gets in front of her and kisses Jackson.

Surrogate City

Rocki's constant heckling about Jackson being a mama's boy influence's him to change his look and personality.

Happily Ever After

Jackson asks Rocki to the homecoming dance

Fullers in a Fog

Jackson and Rocki start making out in his bedroom, only to be interrupted by Ramona.

Here Comes the Sun

She attends the 80's themed 30th dad-iversery party at The Smash Club.


  • She always has a sarcastic remark
  • Rocki's mother, Gia and Jackson's aunt Stephanie attended school together in Full House.
  • Rocki's grandmother, Claire dated Jackson's grandfather, Danny in Full House.


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