Robert L. Boyett is a producer for Fuller House



Bob Boyett grew up in Atlanta, and later on moved to New York City to become a development executive at ABC, then later became senior vice president at Paramount Television. He later became a creative consultant to Happy Days on its mid-seasons before joining Miller and Milkis in 1978. Boyett however was not credited as an executive producer with Tom Miller and Ed Milkis on most series in the Miller/Milkis/Boyett era.

He is co-founder of Miller-Milkis-Boyett Productions, along with Thomas L. Miller and Edward K. Milkis. He worked as a supervising producer and executive producer on several sitcoms such as Perfect Strangers (1986), Full House (1987), Family Matters (1989) and Two of a Kind (1998).

Following the dissolution of the Miller-Boyett-Warren company, Boyett became a producer for Broadway theater productions. He currently resides in Salisbury, Connecticut.