Rebecca Katsopolis is a recurring character in Fuller House. She is portrayed by Lori Loughlin


Full Name Rebecca "Becky" Donaldson Katsopolis
DOB September 28, 1964
Occupation Talk show host at Wake Up USA


Season 1

Our Very First Show, Again

Becky can be described as very beautiful, sarcastic, sensitive, practical, fit, and gets along with everyone. She is known to have good judgment and being predictable. She was the co-host of Wake Up, San Francisco before moving to Los Angeles with her family to work on the morning television show Wake Up USA.

War of the Roses

Becky visits after the Wake Up, San Francisco reunion show. When 1000 roses turn up at the house, Becky believes someone has a secret admirer. Enjoying all the drama, Becky calls Steve so D.J. can ask if he was the one who sent the roses.

Becky listens in on Stephanie as she calls Darren, Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Hunter Pence to see if any of them sent the roses. After getting a text from Harry Takayama, Becky takes Stephanie's phone and text's Harry to come to The Tanner House.

Wanting another baby of her own, Becky spends a lot of time with Tommy Jr. she even put's on a fashion show for D.J. and calls it "A Day in the Life of Tommy Fuller".

All 3 suspects - as Becky calls them - turn up, so everyone can find out who really sent the roses; Did Fernando send them to Kimmy? Matt to D.J? or Harry to Stephanie? Becky having a flight to catch really wants to know who the secret admirer is. She questions all 3 suspects. Matt says he sent D.J. sunflowers not the 1000 roses. Harry just wanted to invite Stephanie to his upcoming wedding. Fernando says yes until guilt gets the better of him and he admits he didn't send the roses. After all suspects are eliminated, Jesse arrives announcing he sent the roses to Becky. He whisks her away in a rental car to San Jose.

Love is in the Air

Jesse and Becky come to renew their wedding vows. When Fernando and Kimmy decide to piggyback on their ceremony Becky convinces Jesse to let them. Jesse plans a romantic dinner for him and Becky, but Becky attends Kimmy's bachelorette party with D.J. and Stephanie.

As Becky and Kimmy walk down the aisle, Stephanie sings a song she wrote especially for Jesse and Becky, she calls 'Must Have Been Some Angel'.

After renewing their vows Jesse and Becky decide to leave before Kimmy sticks them with the bill.

Season 2

Fuller Thanksgiving

Becky along with her family attend Thanksgiving at the Tanner House. Wanting so much to be a mother again, she finally talks Jesse into adopting another baby.

Glazed and Confused

Happy New Year, Baby

Becky and Jesse receive their new baby daughter, Pamela.

Season 3

Maybe Baby

Becky arrives with Pamela after taking the day off from work to get away from Danny for a while, and to spend the day with Stephanie. Becky explains to Stephanie what she has planed for the day; pedicures, art gallery, a pelvic ultrasound then to the Wharf. Stephanie being a little shocked with the pelvic ultrasound, Becky points out that Stephanie asked for her help to have children. The fertility specialist, Dr. Elizabeth Chung, explains to Becky and Stephanie that she can have a child through in vitro with a surrogate.

While watching Tommy and Pamela play together in the backyard, Becky and Stephanie talk about motherhood and the fact that Stephanie doesn't want anyone else finding out about her news as she doesn't want to get her hopes up, Becky agrees to keep it a secret.

After seeing a congratulations banner in the kitchen meant for Jackson, Stephanie falsely accuses Becky of telling everyone her news while spilling the beans herself. When Stephanie says she is hesitant due to how much money in vitro will cost, Becky and the others offer their help.




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