Ramona Gibbler is a main character in Fuller House.  


Season 1

Kimmy Gibbler's teenage daughter who moves into D.J.'s house with Kimmy. Though she's bi-racial, Ramona fully embraces her Latina heritage, and considers living with the "white-bread Fullers" to be "totally lame." She's described as being smart, but not into school. Instead, her interests include boys, fashion, being cool, social media and taking pics every second of every day.

Season 2

Ramona spent her summer away at Dance Camp, where she won "Best Dancer", "Most likely to star on Broadway", "Happiest Feet" and "Jazziest Hands". Ramona practices with her new dance coach, Giuseppe Pignoli to make her dream of getting into the San Francisco School of the Arts a reality.

Season 3

Ramona is accepted into the San Francisco School of the Arts.



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