Pamela Katsopolis is a character in Fuller House.  


Season 2

Happy New Year, Baby

Pamela is introduced to everyone as the adoptive daughter of Jesse and Becky. She is named after Pam Tanner.

Season 3

Uncle Jesse's Adventures in Babysitting

While Becky is away Jesse is looking after Pamela solo but she won't sleep. After Jesse ties her and Tommy to the kitchen bar stool and gives them paper and pens to draw with, they draw all over the kitchen counter and themselves.

Jesse, D.J. and Stephanie sing her to sleep.

Maybe Baby

Becky arrives with Pamela to spend the day with Stephanie. Pamela and Tommy play in the backyard on the slide and in a pool of balls together.

Fullers in a Fog

Pamela plays in the backyard with Tommy, Jesse and Fernando.

Here Comes the Sun

Pamela attends the 80's themed 30th dad-iversery party at The Smash Club.


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