Our Very First Promo is episode 12 of season 1 of Full House.


The station where Danny works is filming promos showing the members of their news team at home, which means a camera crew will be coming to the house. Everything seems to be in place when a woman named Ronnie Gardner shows up at the house for the filming, but Danny is perplexed when her methods of producing spicy television include dressing Jesse up as an English maid, having perfect French girls, replacing sweet baby Michelle with an unknown child and completely removing Joey from the picture, so Danny needs to tell Mrs. Gardner off and show the viewers the real Tanner family. As all this is going on, Jesse and Joey try hard to locate the source of some strange animal noises in the house, which turns out to be a ferret.


  • The garage is seen not to have been renovated into Joey's bedroom as it was 2 episodes prior to this one in Joey's Place.