My Little Hickey is episode 4 of season 3 of Fuller House.  


Ramona goes to great lengths to hide a hickey from her mother. She turns to Stephanie for help, and as they share makeup tips and old stories, it leaves Kimmy feeling a little left out which leads to a misguided effort to reconnect with her daughter at laser tag.

It’s been three days since Fernando moved out of the Tanner house with Jimmy, and he’s already homesick. D.J. has to balance getting Fernando out of her house without hurting his feelings while being welcoming and warm to Jackson’s dimwitted group of new friends who call themselves “The Six Pack.”


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Lyrics are sung to the tune of 'Camptown Races'

Your body is a-changing
Oh no awkward
You're parts are rearranging
Your armpits now have hair
What's going on down there?
It's normal don't be scared


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