Moving Day is the second episode of Season 1 of Fuller House

General Information

Air Date February 26, 2016
Previous Our Very First Show, Again
Next Funner House


Ramona and Kimmy move into the Tanner-Fuller house. D.J. rearranges the bedrooms so Ramona doesn't have to live in a closet that was converted into a bedroom. Jackson is dissatisfied that he is loosing his room and cannot accept the fact that he has to move in with his younger brother, Max. After Aunt Stephanie tells Jackson about a similar encounter that happened between her and his mother when they were little girls (as D.J. secretly ran away by moving her bedroom into the garage), Jackson decides to flee as well by hiding in great Uncle Jesse's car (without him initially knowing).

Guest Cast


  • Jesse is supposedly an Elvis super-fan who knows all of Presley's songs by heart. When listening to the song "Burnin' Love" while driving, Jesse sings "Lordy, Lordy," but the lyric is actually "Lord Almighty".
  • Kimmy throws Ramona's cell phone into the house, where it lands on the couch. When shown in a close-up shot, the phone's screen clearly displays that the call has been ended, yet the caller's voice is still heard speaking.


  • Stephanie is shown how to change a diaper by Kimmy, but back in Full House Stephanie changes Alex and Nicky's diapers, when Kimmy is babysitting them.


  • 'Burning Love' performed by Elvis Presley, sung by Michael Campion and John Stamos.


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