Miller-Boyett Productions (or simply Miller-Boyett) is an American television production company that mainly developed television sitcoms from the 1970s through the 1990s.  


Originally founded in 1969 by program executive Thomas L. Miller and former film editor Edward K. Milkis as Miller-Milkis Productions, and, in 1979, became Miller-Milkis-Boyett Productions once Robert L. Boyett joined the company, before adopting the Miller-Boyett name five years later following Milkis' resignation.

Most of the series the company produced for ABC during the Miller-Boyett era aired on the network's Friday night lineup (known as TGIF from 1989 to 2000). During the 1990–91 season, all four Friday comedies on ABC were Miller-Boyett series: Perfect StrangersFull HouseFamily Matters and the short-lived Going Places; and the company had six sitcoms on the air during that same season, along with The Hogan Family (which had moved to CBS, after a five-season run on NBC) and the short-lived The Family Man. Around 1997, Michael Warren, longtime Miller-Boyett associate and co-creator of Family Matters and Step by Step, broke his partnership with producer partner William Bickley after twenty-one years and joined Miller-Boyett Productions; the company was renamed Miller-Boyett-Warren Productions and produced their last shows, Meego and Two of a Kind. After both shows were cancelled, the company was shut down.

In 2013, Boyett returned to TV producing under his own production nameplate, Robert L. Boyett Productions. With veteran producer Robert Horn, he co-created the FX sitcom Partners, which was co-produced by his company, along with Robert Horn Productions, Grammnet Productions and Debmar-Mercury, among other contributors. Robert L. Boyett Productions is currently in development with Jeff Franklin Productions for the upcoming 2016 Full House sequel series, Fuller House.

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