Mad Money is episode 21 of season 1 of Full House.


Joey's mother Mindy has found an old $5,000 savings bond in her safe deposit box, and the savings bond has Joey's name on it. When Joey receives the money, he starts spending it left and right. At the same time, Danny tries to collect an 11-year-old debt from Joey. The debt began on March 12, 1977, in Palm Springs - Joey's car broke down yet again, and Danny lent Joey his last $800 to get the car fixed - now that Joey has come into enough money, Danny asks Joey to give him the money, intending to give it back to him because he only wanted Joey to give it to him to show that he has grown up. However, Joey wants him to keep it, leading to a feud between Danny and Joey.

Jesse is working as an Elvis Presley impersonator in order to make some extra money for himself and his band, Jesse and the Rippers, to record a demo, but he doesn't want the family to know that he is working as an Elvis impersonator. They end up finding out and go to one of the shows. Jesse not only gives an awesome performance, he also takes home a Marilyn Monroe lookalike.