Luck Be a Lady: Part 1 is episode 21 of season 2 of Full House.


The family goes to Lake Tahoe, where Danny and Becky will be doing a special episode of Wake Up, San Francisco. Joey gets lucky on a slot machine winning $100,000, but does not get the money because a videotape shows D.J. pulling the machine's lever then ducking back to the other side of a red velvet rope dividing the slot machine's from the table where Stephanie and D.J. were while an unsuspecting Joey's back is turned. Joey did not know it was D.J. or Stephanie who pulled the lever, so of course he is surprised. Jesse is jealous because Becky can't get her mind off of movie star Todd Masters, who is scheduled to be a guest on the special episode of Wake Up, San Francisco. Jesse makes it his mission to make Becky just as jealous so that Becky will know how she is making Jesse feel, and then they have an argument in their hotel room. When they calm down, Jesse asks Becky to marry him, and Becky accepts the proposal.


  • When Jesse and Joey go into Danny's hotel room the door alternates between open and closed.