Lola is a recurring character in Fuller House. She is portrayed by Ashley Liao.


Birth Place Fresno, California
Education Student at Van Atta Middle School


Season 1

The Not-So-Great Escape

Lola is somewhat snooty and materialistic, often complaining that things aren't up to her standards. For the most part, she tolerates Jackson, and is aware of his crush on her.

Lola's science project is a scale model of the Haleakala Volcano, that her mother constructed. Lola and Ramona become quick best friends succeeding security guards escorted Ramona to the principal's office after she tried to leave school, and the two share everything together.

The Legend of El Explosivo

Lola is in a dance group - Van Atta Middle School Dance Team - with Ramona and two other girls (Sara and unknown). The team is sponsored by Gibbler Style Party Planning. Kimmy shows them the Gibbler Gallop to use as their big finisher, but Lola and the other girls are not impressed. When Stephanie helps them with a new dance routine that she and Rihanna worked out in a club in Lisbon, they make her coach. Stephanie talked to the promoter to get them an inbetween match performance at Lucha Kaboom, where she is deejaying. They perform Stephanie's routine and the Gibbler Gallop.

Ramona's Not-So-Epic Party

Lola attends Ramona's 13th birthday party endorsing Gibbler Style Party Planning, for a fee. After Stephanie advises Jackson to comment on how beautiful Lola's hair and eyes are, he tells Lola that she has beautiful hairy eyes.

War of the Roses

When Lola barely acknowledges Jackson, he asks Ramona for advice on how to get her to notice him. Lola and Ramona discuss their upcoming weekend plans and invite Jackson and Max to come with them and 12 of their friends to Sephora.

A Giant Leap

Lola attends the baseball game with Ramona and the Fullers. Lola likes her hot dog with mustard on the left, ketchup on the right, relish down the middle because the mustard and ketchup can't touch. Lola's drink is half root beer and half diet soda with a splash of lemonade which she calls a Lola-cola.

After Matt gives Jackson his credit card, Jackson buys Lola a $247 autographed two-time Cy Young Award-winning Tim Lincecum in-game jersey. Lola hugs Jackson and he takes her to his favorite place in the stadium, where his dad used to take him, the top deck.

Love is in the Air

On Jesse's advice Jackson invites Lola to the double weddings. After the ceremony, Jackson thanks Lola for attending and she kisses him on the lips.

Season 2

Season 3

Declarations of Independence

Lola tries to avoid a needy Jackson and wants to break up with him. While Jackson and Danny sing 'Copacabana' Lola and Ramona leave. After the "Danny Tanner's World's cleanest pie eating contest" Lola breaks up with Jackson, and they decide to just be friends. Everyone watches the fireworks from the backyard.



  • Loves red M&Ms
  • Plays the cello
  • Has a pet spider called Spot
  • Has a pet snake


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