Kimberley Drummond is the actress who portrays Janet in Fuller House
Kimberley Drummond

General Information

Birth Place

Spanish Town, Jamaica 


Kimberley Drummond migrated to the USA with her mom at the young age of four. While attending school, Kimberley began dance classes as a hobby and fell in love with the stage that made her want to learn everything about it. After performing in a 3rd grade production, she immediately found her passion. She started acting at a very young age and was determined to give it her all from the very beginning. She attended Middle & High Schools for Performing Arts in South Florida. After graduating, she was accepted in the New York School for Film and Television Conservatory where she studied her on-camera training.

Continuing her studies with local coaches in New York City, her hard work paid off when she landed the supporting role as Taqua in the Independent film Mooz-Lum.

Kimberley has made a few appearances on television shows such as Drop Dead Diva & Stuff You Should Know. She landed a role on the critically acclaimed Hunger Games franchise in Catching Fire as Rue's Aunt.


  • The Vampire Diaries
  • Army Wives
  • The Game
  • Rectify 



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