Just Say No Way is episode 21 of season 3 of Full House.


After weeks of planning and organising a school dance, D.J. is disappointed to learn that the scheduled band cannot perform. After convincing Jesse to lend his musical talents for the evening, D.J. preps herself for the big event by asking her biggest crush, Kevin, to be her escort (with a little unsolicited help from Stephanie).

Trouble flares at the dance when Kevin seems uncomfortable and Jesse meets the questionable back-up band that D.J. arranged for him. Jesse is willing to be a good sport at first, but nothing can prevent this former "bad boy" from blowing up when he catches his young niece with a beer in her hand thinking that she was drinking when she really was not, even though she's only 13. Could D.J. really be headed in such a dangerous direction?

Joey presents Michelle with a tape recording of the popular children's song "Baby Beluga" - a decision that he lives to regret, because the more she plays it, the more it drives everyone in the house crazy.

Kevin tells Jesse and Danny that D.J. was not drinking, and that it was actually him and two other boys. She was trying to stop them. Jesse then apologies to D.J. for falsely accusing her of drinking.