Jonathan Knight-Rodriguez is a member of New Kids on the Block  


Jonathan Rashleigh Knight grew up in the Dorchester area of Boston with his 5 brothers and sisters and numerous foster children his mother took in. He shot to fame in the late 80's with the group New Kids On The Block. From the 80's to 90's NKOTB played around the world to sold out concerts, and sold millions of albums. The group took time off before their last album "Face The Music" was released, and during the tour for that album, Knight decided to call it quits. Suffering from an anxiety and panic disorder, he no longer felt that he could continue performing. Knight retired to his Massachusetts farm, where he raised horses. He now works in real estate and stays out of the spotlight.


  • Jonathan participated with his boyfriend, Harley in the 26th season of the reality show, The Amazing Race. They were eliminated in 9th place.