Joseph Alvin Gladstone is a recurring character in Fuller House. He is portrayed by Dave Coulier


DOB June 4, 1960
Residence Las Vegas
Occupations Stand-up comedian
Ordained minister


Season 1

Our Very First Show, Again

Joey lives in Las Vegas with his wife and his 4 children (AKA the Gladstone Four). He does 10 shows a week as a stand-up comedian whose act usually includes imitations of cartoon-character voices such as Popeye, Bullwinkle, Pepe LePew and many more at The Venetian.

Funner House

It's Friday night and Joey comes to babysit Jackson, Ramona, Max and Tommy Jr., while D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy have a girls night out. All the kids want to do is play on their electronic devices, so Joey locks them away in a drawer. Joey has brought along the 'Gladstone Gallery of Wacky Weapons' which include Super Soakers, SILLY STRING, Slime Rifles, and a Toilet Paper Leaf Blower Gun.

Jackson, Ramona and Max decide to work together as a team against Joey instead of slimming each other, but get D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy as they walk through the front door. As Joey is leaving, Max calls him back for a hug and the kids finally get Joey with Slime Rifles.

Love is in the Air

Joey officiates over the double wedding ceremony of Jesse to Becky and Fernando to Kimmy as the Right Reverend Gladstone. Joey wears a hockey jersey over a dress, roller blades, he holds a hockey stick and wears a whistle around his neck.

In order to get his ministers licence, Joey started a religion inspired by his love of hockey. He call's it "Our Lady of the Holy Goalie". Joey uses hockey terminology while conducting the ceremony.

Season 2

Fuller Thanksgiving

Joey arrives with his wife and four children for Thanksgiving

Glazed and Confused

Happy New Year, Baby

Season 3

Maybe Baby

Joey arrives with his children on their way to Disneyland. While talking to Kimmy Joey let's it be known he knows his children are 'the worst' and he has been tempted at leaving them at a fire station. Kimmy helps Joey get tough with his children by punishing them when they do wrong. Joey gets tough with all his children by announcing they will not be going to Disneyland unless they behave, the Gladstone Four start cleaning house and Joey.

When Joey finds out Stephanie news about the possibility of becoming a mother he is all too happy to help in whatever way he and his family can.





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