Joey & Stacy and... Oh, Yeah, Jesse is episode 12 of season 3 of Full House.


Jesse concocts an idea for a commercial and teams up with Joey to pitch it to their client, but it is soon rejected. When one of the commercial's backup singers notices how Jesse takes charge and shoots down every attempt that Joey makes to offer his input, she encourages Joey to be bolder and make himself heard. Joey soon forms a romantic relationship with Stacy, and her support prompts him to introduce his own commercial idea without consulting Jesse first. Furious when Joey's presentation is lapped up by their client, a jealous Jesse gets into a huge fight with Joey - developments that could stand to destroy their friendship.

Stephanie is devastated when Comet chews up her beloved Mr. Bear, and by watching her two sisters step in to help repair the damage, Jesse just might be motivated to clean up the mess that he has made.