Jimmy Gibbler is a recurring character in Fuller House.  


Season 2

Welcome Back

Jimmy walks into the Tanners' backyard looking for Kimmy but finding Stephanie sitting on the chair singing and playing her guitar. He sits down next to her and as they look at each other he joins in singing and then they kiss. When Kimmy comes outside, Jimmy and her do the Gibbler Gallop. As Stephanie is wondering why Jimmy even knows how to do the Gibbler Gallop, Kimmy introduces him as her little brother.

With Steve dating CJ and Matt dating Crystal, D.J is feeling alone at her own barbecue so Kimmy asks Jimmy to pretend to be D.J.'s boyfriend. Jimmy goes along with it (for about 2 minutes) until Stephanie comes outside with Tommy Jr. in arms. He "breaks up" with D.J. in favour of wanting to date Stephanie. Jimmy explains he has had a crush on Stephanie since they were little kids. He goes on to say even if that baby she is holding was hers, he would raise him as his own.

Mom Interference

Jimmy gives Stephanie his dream catcher and tells her he doesn't need it anymore because all his dreams came true the day he and Stephanie had their first kiss. Jimmy asks her out on a date but Stephanie declines.

Kimmy let's Jimmy know that Stephanie is in need of a partner for games night at the Tanner House. While playing Jimmy and Stephanie feel a connection between each other. At the conclusion of games night Jimmy asks out Stephanie again, and this time she accepts. They have their date in Jimmy's RV.

Curse of Tanner Manor

After buying two tickets for him and Stephanie for the Mighty Mountain Haunted Halloween house, Jimmy decides it would be much more scarier if they were to work there instead and do the scaring rather than being scared. So he gets them each a job as zombies and gives the tickets to Ramona and Jackson.

While working at the haunted house Jimmy and Stephanie scare Jackson and Ramona into going home to spend the holiday with their families.

Jimmy and Stephanie invite some of their new friends from the Mighty Mountain Haunted Halloween house to make Max's party spooky.

Fuller Thanksgiving

Jimmy attends the Thanksgiving meeting before the out-of-town visitors arrive. Max tells Danny that Stephanie is dating Jimmy. While D.J. and Matt prepare Thanksgiving dinner, Jimmy, Danny, Jesse, Joey, Stephanie, Becky, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy Jr., Fernando, Nicky, Alex, Ginger, Phyllis, Jerry, Joan, Lewis and Cosmo are out playing football. Jimmy attends Thanksgiving dinner as Stephanie's date.

A Tangled Web

Stephanie tells Jimmy she wrote a song about their relationship. She preforms her song with her new band while Jimmy records the performance on his phone. Jimmy thinks Stephanie's song is so good she needs to share it with the world, so he makes a YouTube video.

Jimmy and Stephanie share the video with Kimmy who agrees with most of the comments; the two are annoying. When Jimmy and Kimmy see that Stephanie is upset with the low number of views, Kimmy gets the idea to use Tommy and Cosmo in the video instead.

Kimmy and Jimmy show the new version of the music video to Stephanie, at first she doesn't like it but when Kimmy announces the views went from 41 to over 300,000 Stephanie likes it.


Jimmy plans on taking a photo of Jackson, Max, Tommy, Cosmo and Fernando dressed up as Santa, as a surprise Christmas gift for D.J. But when D.J. comes home early she includes her self in the family photo.

Jimmy tells Stephanie he was offered a job in Auckland, she doesn't want to stand in the way of his career but she doesn't want him moving half way around the world either. Jimmy reashores Stephanie he would never leave her, and Auckland is only 30 minutes away. Then Stephanie realises Jimmy means Oakland, California not Auckland, New Zealand. Jimmy tells Stephanie that he loves her.

Jimmy builds a gingerbread house for Stephanie to say sorry for the misunderstanding about Auckland/Oakland.

While at Ramona's ballet The Nutcracker Jimmy tries to talk to Stephanie about not responding when he told her he loves her, but Stephanie avoids him by moving to different seats.

After D.J. talks to Stephanie about her relationship with Jimmy, Stephanie tells Jimmy she loves him too.

Happy New Year, Baby

As Jimmy is feeding Tommy he tells Stephanie that he would like a baby with her. After talking to Becky, Stephanie has the courage to tell Jimmy that she is unable to get pregnant. Jimmy and Stephanie kiss at midnight to ring in the New Year.

The next day Jesse and Becky enter the backyard with their newly adopted daughter to find Jimmy, Stephanie, Matt, D.J., Kimmy, Fernando, Danny and Joey asleep. They wake up and Jesse announces that his daughters name is Pamela Donaldson Katsopolis.

Season 3

Best Summer Ever

Jimmy and Stephanie see Fernando hugging a woman while sitting in the Costco parking lot and believe Fernando is cheating on Kimmy.

Declarations of Independence

When Stephanie decides to become more self sufficient, Jimmy won't even help her with the small things. After the "Danny Tanner's World's cleanest pie eating contest" Danny helps Jimmy and Stephanie talk though their problems. Everyone watches the fireworks from the backyard.

Uncle Jesse's Adventures in Babysitting

Fernando and Jimmy invite D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy and Matt over to see what they've done with their place and for dinner. Jimmy rigs a series of pulleys and leavers to make it seem there is a ghost in the house.

M-m-m-My Ramona

Jimmy attaches a horn to Buttercup to make him look like a real life unicorn to cheer up Max after his favourite toy Uni is destroyed.

Say Yes to the Dress

Jimmy attends the "Gibbler Style Party Planning presents Steve and CJ's pre-wedding schedule meeting followed by karaoke fun", in a dress.

Wedding or Not Here we Come

After Kimmy tells Jimmy about Stephanie's search for a sperm doner, he follows Stephanie to the airport buying a one-way ticket to Japan to get on the plane. Jimmy let's Stephanie know he wants to be her baby's daddy.


  • Does the Gibbler Gallop
  • He has a world map with pins in every place he has taken photographs
  • Owns a dress collection


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