Jesse Katsopolis is a recurring character in Fuller House. He is portrayed by John Stamos


Name Hermes Katsopolis
DOB April 14, 1963
Occupation Music producer on General Hospital


Season 1

Our Very First Show, Again

Jesse is moving to Los Angeles with his family to be the music producer on General Hospital.

Moving Day

Jesse returns to the house because he forgot his lucky guitar, Priscilla. After Jesse finds Jackson hiding in the back of his car, Jesse talks to Jackson about how when living with woman he can learn valuable lessons. Jesse talks about how he hates Becky's terrible cooking, and whenever she makes lasagna he feeds it to their 300 pond dog. Forgetting that he had called Becky and was leaving her a message the entire conversation was recorded on her voice mail. Later Becky text's Jesse saying he'll be sleeping in the dog house.

War of the Roses

After wondering all days about who sent 1000 roses to the Tanner House and all suspects are eliminated, Jesse arrives announcing he sent the roses to Becky and wondering why he hasn't received a thank you. He whisks her away in a rental car to San Jose.

Love is in the Air

Jesse and Becky come to renew their wedding vows. When Fernando and Kimmy decide to piggyback on their ceremony Becky convinces Jesse to let them. Jesse plans a romantic dinner for him and Becky, but Becky attends Kimmy's bachelorette party with D.J. and Stephanie.

D.J. leaves Tommy Jr. with Jesse and Jackson talks to him about how to make a move on Lola. Jesse tells Jackson to invite her to the wedding so she can get caught up in all the romance of the day.

After renewing their vows Jesse and Becky decide to leave before Kimmy sticks them with the bill.

Season 2

Fuller Thanksgiving

Glazed and Confused

Happy New Year, Baby




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