Jackson Michael Fuller is a main character in Fuller House.


Season 1

D.J. Tanner-Fuller's oldest son. He was worshipped by his father and is having a difficult time coping with the loss. When Jackson's father was still alive, he would take him to ball games and let him sit inside a firetruck. Jackson likes to refer to himself as "J-sizzle" or "J-money" and he has a crush on Lola, doing anything he can to impress her.

Season 2

After spending the summer at Wilderness camp, Jackson is really looking forward to seeing his 'bae' Lola but Lola is more interested in seeing her best friend Ramona. Jackson is going through puberty - voice changes and growth spurts.

Season 3

D.J. makes Jackson attend summer school after he receives a D in History class. After spending time working at the pet clinic and making great coffee, Jackson discovers he wants to be a barista.


  • Used to have a pet gecko called Leon
  • Lola was his first kiss
  • He is a member of The Six Pack


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