Gia Mahan is a character in Fuller House. She is portrayed by Marla Sokoloff.  


Season 2

Girl Talk

After Stephanie writes a song for Jimmy, Kimmy decides to get their old band "Girl Talk" back together again. Stephanie calls Gia who plays the bass guitar, and their old drummer Melissa, now plays drums for Beyoncé, so they replace her with D.J.

Gia was walking a 5K for adult literacy before dropping in for band rehearsal. D.J. and Gia still do not get along. They play the only song they know "The Sign". After Gia needs a cigarette break - using a vape pen that smells like banana bread - she offers some to Stephanie and D.J. steps in and Gia and D.J. get in a fight. Stephanie decides to disband the band forever, yet still keeps her Friday night plans with Gia.

Season 3

Best Summer Ever

When Gia drives her daughter to The Tanner House to apologise to Jackson, D.J. finds out she is Rocki's mother. Every time she and D.J. see each other, they both do the whole fake greetings and compliments. Gia wants Rocki to hurry up so she can get to Pilates.

Say Yes to the Dress

Gia and Rocki walk in on Fernando singing Livin la Vida Loca. Gia recognises Fernando from her bachelorette party three years earlier when he danced under the name Zarro. Stephanie invites Gia to stay for karaoke but she is going for pizza with some hot dude from Tinder.

Gia sends a text to Stephanie saying she can't make it back and Rocki has to spend the night there.

When Gia arrives to pick up her daughter Fernando is singing Livin la Vida Loca again, she asks Rocki what she's wearing. Gia is in a hurry because Ray (Gia is pretty sure that's his name, it's past the point where she can ask), is waiting for them.

Surrogate City

Gia offers to be Stephanie's surrogate until she finds out she won't be able to drink - at all.

Happily Ever After

Stephanie calls in Gia to the Homecoming Dance at Bayview High School so Girl Talk (AKA The Godmotherz) can perform together. She arrives in full godmother costume. As they perform I'm a Believer Rocki dances with Jackson and Ramona dances with Chad.