Fernando Guerrero is a recurring character in Fuller House.


Season 1

Our Very First Show, Again

Fernando met Kimmy while he was a women's hair stylist. He is inappropriately passionate and has quite an appetite for the opposite sex, which is partially why he and Kimmy are no longer together. He is relentless in his attempts to reunite with Kimmy, and he maintains a close relationship with their daughter Ramona.

Funner House

Fernando is on a date with Mandy at Euphoria. While she is in the bathroom he and Kimmy dance together, when Mandy return she finds Fernando dipping Kimmy. Mandy and Fernando dance together in Euphoria's Legendary Nightly Dance-Off. Fernando fakes a toe cramp so Kimmy and D.J. win the Dance-Off.

Ramona's Not-So-Epic Party

Fernando picks up Father Flanagan's retirement cake instead of Ramona's birthday cake. When Ramona says she would like a tattoo written in Chinese characters, Kimmy mentions Fernando's tattoo on his stomach that reads "Pork Fried Rice". Fernando and Kimmy give Ramona a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, and Fernando gets out his camera phone to takes Ramona's first steps as a teenager.

Fernando and Kimmy take Ramona on a birthday shopping spree. Before the party Fernando does Ramona's hair giving her keratin treatment, extension, beach waves, highlights and volumizer in other words the 'Full Fernando'.

After the power goes out Fernando accompanies the electrician to the basement to try and fix the fuse. When he comes up from the basement and finds Kimmy and Matt embracing Fernando slaps Matt with a rubber glove, challenging him to a fight. But then he finds out Matt saved Kimmy's life and Fernando thanks him by kissing Matt on both cheeks.

After Ramona's party Fernando and Kimmy are caught kissing by Max, from Cosmo's dog house.

Secrets, Lies, & Firetrucks

After falling asleep watching a movie, Kimmy sneaks Fernando out of the house so no one - especially Ramona - doesn't see they are together. After Fernando decides to climb out of the 3rd story window, he comes through the back door to pick Ramona up for the day. He lets her drive one of his racing cars.

War of the Roses

A week earlier Fernando received a tattoo of Kimmy on his left butt cheek. Kimmy believes Fernando sent her the 1000 roses that arrived at the house. When he finds out there is no card Fernando takes the credit for sending them to her.

When Fernando turns up Becky questions him about sending the roses. He says yes, until Max brings in everything Cosmo was hiding including the note that come with the roses. Fernando's guilt gets the better of him and he admits he didn't send the roses.

Save the Dates

Fernando and Kimmy are caught kissing by Ramona. He has a scavenger hunt planned for Kimmy, which includes mani-pedi's from Mrs. Pham, a massage from Magic Fingers Boris, and a waxing from Doris.

Fernando wrote the lyrics to 'Kimberlina, Mi Amor' while he paid Stephanie $20 to write the music for him. Fernando starts to sing the song he wrote for Kimmy to her but is too emotional to continue so he asks Stephanie to sing and act it out. After Kimmy kisses Stephanie, Fernando finishes the song off and he kisses Kimmy. He gets down on one knee and asks Kimmy for a divorce. Fernando places a raptor glove on Kimmy and whistles. Carlito, a falcon, comes and lands on Kimmy's arm. Fernando pulls a ring that is tied to a piece of string around Carlito's neck. After Carlito fly's away Fernando get's down on one knee again and this time he proposes to Kimmy, and she says yes.

Love is in the Air

Two days after Fernando proposes Jesse and Becky come to renew their wedding vows so he and Kimmy decide to piggyback on their ceremony.

When Kimmy keeps running out of the wedding when it comes to her saying 'I do', Fernando and Kimmy decide to remain engaged.

Season 2

Welcome Back - While Fernando was away during the summer on the racing circuit he forgot to pay his rent, so his landlord evicted him so he announces he is moving into the Tanner House. When Kimmy tries to tell Fernando that they don't want him moving in, he starts wiggling and nibbling which gets Kimmy wobbling.

At the barbecue D.J. and Stephanie let Kimmy know that they don't want Fernando living at the house, with him standing right there. Fernando helps cook the barbecue.

Fernando announces he wants to find a nice throw rug that pulls his new room together. D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy and Fernando have a group hug.

Mom Interference - Fernando talks D.J. into letting him stay for a few months. He makes a thank you for letting me stay breakfast, while wearing Kimmy's short robe. Fernando is Kimmy's partner for games night.

The next day Fernando gives Tommy his first haircut as another thank you to D.J. for letting him stay. Fernando warns D.J. that sometimes the child cries. D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona and Max grab their phones and take photos/videos of Tommy's first haircut, and all start to cry except Tommy.

Ramona's Not-So-Epic First Kiss - Ramona believes she is going on her first date with Bobby and have told her parents, so Kimmy and Fernando greet Bobby at the door when he and his friends arrive to pick up Jackson and Ramona to go to the movies. Fernando wants no monkey from Bobby, he talks aggressively to Bobby while speaking in Spanish and then is friendly towards him while speaking in English.  

While on their date night with Tommy, Fernando and Kimmy worry about Ramona being out on her first date with a boy. After trying to call Ramona, Fernando mentions loud noises are annoying to other people attending the movie. He should know because when he went to the movies there was a screaming baby, he shouldn't have taken Tommy with him to see Captain America: Civil War. Just as Fernando and Kimmy are about to go to the movies to check on Ramona, Jackson arrives home and Ramona joins him from hiding upstairs with Max.

Fernando and Kimmy ask Ramona how her date was she says "it was romantic and I'll remember it forever". After Ramona runs upstairs Max proceeds to fill in everyone with what he knows.

Curse of Tanner Manor - It's Halloween and Kimmy and Fernando are going as couple Lucy and Ricky, because Kimmy is adorably wacky like Lucy and Fernando has a cute Latino accent like Ricky.

Fernando plans on performing at Max's party as Ricky with a conga and he doesn't want Kimmy to sing with him, because Ricky never sang with Lucy. At the party Fernando sings Babalu and Kimmy who was hiding joins in with his performance.

Kimmy is upset not that Fernando didn't want her to perform with him but the fact that he didn't ask. To make it up to her, as the screen turns black and white Fernando sings I Love Lucy substituting Kimmy instead of singing Lucy.

Doggy Daddy - Fernando takes Max to the chicken store for Max's "One Kid Can Make a Difference" project and gets him four chickens. After Giuseppe Pignoli arrives Kimmy and Fernando dance into the room and announce they are Ramona's parents. After going way overboard Ramona makes her parents leave the room.

Fernando and Kimmy overhear that Ramona needs a dance partner for the Tango while eavesdropping. Fernando wants to hear the magic word, Ramona says "please" but that is not the magic word. Ramona apologises with the magic word "Will you tango with me Papa?" and Fernando Tango's with Ramona. That leads to Signore Giuseppe being honoured to become her dance coach. 

Two weeks later: Ramona's new coach has been returning to the house the last couple of weeks and dancing with D.J. and Stephanie every day. Kimmy, Fernando and Tommy judge them.

Fuller Thanksgiving - It's Thanksgiving and it's going to be a very full house. Fernando attends D.J.'s Thanksgiving meeting along with Stephanie, Kimmy, Matt and Jimmy before the out-of-town visitors arrive. D.J. hands out schedules that include a sleeping chart, activities, a suggested dress code and a voucher good for one 6 minute shower.

When Jesse and Becky arrive Fernando compares himself and Kimmy to them. Fernando lets Jesse know he can use any of his hair products, but Jesse has his own.

The next day D.J. and Matt prepare Thanksgiving dinner while Danny, Jesse, Joey, Stephanie, Becky, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy, Fernando, Jimmy, Nicky, Alex, Ginger, Phyllis, Jerry, Joan, Lewis and Cosmo are out playing football. By the time everyone arrives home they're 90 minutes late for the family photo. D.J. tries to take the family photo in the living room but no one will stay still.

Fernando sits at the adult Thanksgiving table with Danny, Jesse, Joey, D.J., Stephanie, Becky, Kimmy, Matt, Jimmy, Steve, CJ and Ginger. D.J gets everyone to hold hands as they give thanks. Then she invites everyone to grab their food.

Girl Talk - After Max lets his chickens be free range they ruin his sustainable farm, Fernando doesn't let Max give up. He gives Max his magic potion with his secret ingredient, the tears of a unicorn. Fernando tells Max it will only work if you really believe

The next day after Max takes Cosmo outside, he sees that all his crops have grown back overnight. D.J. thanks Fernando for replanting Max's crops which must have taken him all night to do. From now on D.J. is going to include Fernando in all their family meetings and trips to the beach.

A Tangled Web - Fernando helps Max present his "One Kid Can Make a Difference" speech in front of his class in the backyard.

Glazed and Confused - Fernando is excited to go to Los Angeles with Kimmy and Stephanie, he wants to visit the set of the greatest show ever in TV history Police Mom.

When Mrs. Lopez also wants to visit the set of Police Mom, Fernando, Stephanie, Jesse, Becky, and Mrs. Lopez all take a walk to the next stage to the empty set. Fernando starts taking photos of the set. After they get into the cell they all hold the bars and say "Busted" while Fernando takes a 'cell-fie', the cell door locks them in the fake jail and they shout for help. Fernando notices he can't get phone service; behind bars he has no bars.

Using her cheerleading expertise, Becky, Fernando, Mrs. Lopez and Stephanie form a human pyramid to try and get over top of the cell. When Stephanie gets to the top Jesse finds the hidden exit to the cell at the side and everyone gets out.

After returning home Fernando eats the last donut.

New Kids in the House - It's D.J.'s 39th birthday and Fernando helps Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson and Max set up decorations in the kitchen for D.J.'s surprise party. Fernando believes his birthday present to D.J. will be the best because it is the biggest.

D.J. acts surprised at her party. Fernando unveils a large portrait of himself that he suggest be placed over the fireplace. Max suggest they place it in the fireplace. Fernando freaks out New Kids on the Block by posing exactly alike his portrait.

DJ and Kimmy's High School Reunion - Fernando attends Kimmy's high school reunion at Bayview High School as Kimmy's date. Fernando is dressed in his full race car gear, it's his job to stand there and be Kimmy's man candy. At the reunion Kimmy welcomes Fernando to the stage. Everyone is shocked when Fernando takes off his helmet to reveal his grotesque face. He was attacked by a swarm of bees before while waiting outside because he started to throw rocks at the hive out of boredom. Fernando goes to kiss D.J. instead of Kimmy because his eyelids are folding in on themselves. His face gets horribly swollen to the point he has to be rushed to the hospital.

Fernando returns with bandages over his face to Kimmy who is wearing a garbage bag.

Nutcrackers - It's December 23rd and Kimmy arrives home early with D.J. as Jimmy and Stephanie are trying to take a surprise family Christmas photo for her of Jackson, Max, Tommy, and Cosmo with Fernando dressed as Santa.

Christmas Eve. When Ramona feels like she is going to lose her best friend, Kimmy hatches an idea. Fernando will take Ramona to Lola's party for an hour then bring her back in time for her entrance at the end of Act 1. Kimmy, D.J., Stephanie, Fernando, Jackson, Max, Jimmy and Rose attend Ramona's ballet performance of The Nutcracker. Fernando gets lost on the way to Lola's party and starts driving around in circles. With Ramona already late for her entrance, Fernando heads straight to the theatre. When he arrives he sees Kimmy on stage and is not surprised at all. After the ballet Fernando gets Ramona to Lola's party. 

Christmas Day. Fernando spends Christmas with D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Ramona, Jackson, Max, Tommy, Steve, CJ, Rose and Cosmo. 

Season 3

On the 4th of July Fernando gets overly patriotic he uses an American accent and even changes his name to Frank Smith. Fernando moves out by buying Kimmy's old house, right next door and begins living with Jimmy. He dresses very well and is obsessed with fashion, hair styling, and proper grooming, Fernando is also quite hedonistic, insisting upon flying first class and generally being free with money.

After the summer, while away in Monte Carlo Fernando is back winning on the racing track. While at home, he is spending time with Tommy; buying him a big boy bed, dancing and even having races around the living room against Cosmo.


  • He is cheap
  • Allergic to peanuts, grass, balloon animals, pineapples, almonds and jazz
  • He wants more children


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