Darren is a character in Fuller House. He is portrayed by Steve Talley.  


The Not-So-Great Escape

Darren hits on Stephanie while at a coffee shop. Stephanie let's Darren believe Tommy Jr. is her son. When Stephanie can't pay for her food she accepts D.J.'s offer of filling in as receptionist at the pet clinic, where Darren turns up. He brings Stephanie the coffee, muffin and bear claw she couldn't pay for. Darren likes single mothers so when he see Max, Stephanie let's Darren believe he is also her son. He asks her out to dinner and when he picks her up, Stephanie introduces Jackson and Ramona as her twins, Kimmy as the housekeeper who drinks and D.J. as the children's Au Pair. As Darren and Stephanie leave to go on their date, Jackson, Ramona and Max all say "goodbye mom".


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