Daniel Ernest Tanner is a recurring character in Fuller House. He is portrayed by Bob Saget
Danny Tanner


DOB December 11, 1957
Occupation Television show host at Wake Up USA


Season 1

Our Very First Show, Again

Danny was the co-host of Wake Up, San Francisco before moving to Los Angeles with his second wife, Teri, to work on the morning television show Wake Up USA.

Secrets, Lies, & Firetrucks

Danny visits before a Wake Up, San Francisco reunion show. Jackson and Max ask for presents from their grandpa, so Danny gives them and Stephanie $5 each. He is upset over Cosmo chewing up his old couch. Danny and D.J. talk about weather it is too soon for her to be thinking about starting to date again. He takes Jackson and Max to the fire station to ask about riding on a firetruck.

Danny, Jackson and Max play poker. Danny has tens and queens; a Full House. Jackson wins with kings and aces; a Fuller House.

After the couch has been reupholstered, Danny is happy that it looks the same as it used to. Stephanie give him an early Fathers Day present; a jacket made from the original couch, Danny calls it his Sofa Blazer.

Danny pulls some strings to get Chief Mulrooney on Wake up San Francisco, so Kyle can take Max to Taylor's birthday party on a firetruck.

Season 2

Fuller Thanksgiving

Glazed and Confused

Happy New Year, Baby

Season 3

Declarations of Independence

Danny arrives for the "Danny Tanner Annual 4th of July barbecue". Danny plays the guitar while Jackson sings to Lola. He talks holiday pet safety with D.J. and Matt on Facebook live for Wake up USA. During the "Danny Tanner's World's cleanest pie eating contest" everyone fails to listen to the rules Danny has express on his 'clipboard of fun', and everything gets extremely messy. Danny sorts out everybody's problems by getting them to talk to one another. While talking with Jackson, Danny lets it be known that he and Teri are now divorced, and D.J. Stephanie and Kimmy overhear and console him. Everyone watches the fireworks from the backyard.




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