D.J. Tanner-Fuller is a main character in Fuller House.  


Season 1

D.J was married to Tommy Fuller, a firefighter who died in the line of duty, a year earlier. She and her three boys moved into her old home with her father. D.J. spends her time juggling work, household chores, and her children.

D.J. has had a lot of help since she became a widow but when Danny, Jesse and Becky move to LA, D.J realizes she will have to bring up her children all by herself. After Stephanie and Kimmy find out how much D.J. needs the help the decide to all move in together.

Just after D.J. decides to start dating again she has two men after her heart; Steve, her high school boyfriend she has known for over 20 years and Matt, a co-worker, son of her boss and later her business partner.

Season 2

D.J. throws an "End-of-Summer Back-to-school Super Fun Barbecue 2016" where she meets Matt and Steve's new girlfriends. When Stephanie gets her old band together, D.J fills in on drums but not having played in a while she colour codes them.

Season 3

D.J. and Steve continued their song-and-dance routine, all the while assuring CJ that there is nothing to worry about. On the way to Japan for Steve and CJ's wedding, D.J. accidentally tells Steve that she doesn’t think she’ll be able to watch him walk down the aisle because he is her first choice.


  • She almost always wears high heels
  • Member of the She-Wolf Pack
  • She is in a bowling league
  • Wicked is her favourite musical
  • Owns a Pillow Person


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