Curse of Tanner Manor is episode 17 of Fuller House.  


On Halloween, Jackson and Ramona decide to abandon their parents "scary" family Halloween party to go to a haunted house where Jimmy and Stephanie (working there as zombies) decide to teach them a lesson.

Max's friend Taylor becomes his enemy when he blogs negatively about the Fuller house's Halloween decorations. D.J. throws a party for Max to impress Taylor. Kimmy and Fernando dress up as Lucy and Ricky, but Kimmy gets upset when she is cut out of Fernando's planned performance at the party.

Guest Cast


  • After Jackson and Ramona run screaming from the room with Stephanie and Jimmy dressed as zombies, Ramona can be seen looking back just before Jimmy shuts the door and she is no longer screaming. In fact, she appears to be slightly smiling.



For all screencaps from Curse of Tanner Manor see here

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