CJ is a recurring character in Fuller House.  


Season 2

Welcome Back

Steve stated dating CJ because she is similar to and reminds him of D.J, including coming from a family of huggers and even swearing in antacids. CJ accompanies Steve to D.J.'s "End-of-Summer Back-to-school Super Fun Barbecue 2016".

CJ and Crystal comfort D.J. because they witnessed Jimmy braking up with her for D.J.'s sister, Stephanie.

Mom Interference

CJ attends games night at the Tanner House with Steve.

Fuller Thanksgiving

Steve is shocked when he and CJ walk in on D.J. and Matt kissing in the kitchen while preparing Thanksgiving dinner. CJ helps by putting the Thanksgiving table together, while D.J. is busy dealing with Danny's mid-life crisis. She attends Thanksgiving dinner at the Tanner House with Steve.

DJ and Kimmy's High School Reunion

CJ accompanies Steve to the Tanner House so Steve can give D.J. his 22 year overdue school library book Lord of the Flies to return when she attends her high school reunion at Bayview High School.


Steve and CJ arrive the day before Christmas eve with CJ's daughter Rose, with an after-hour sick pet situation. Rose's pet bunny rabbit Jack won't eat. CJ returns on Christmas day with a Christmas reef as a thank you gift.

Happy New Year, Baby

Steve and CJ bring items for D.J.'s New Years eve party that Steve brought at 90% off, because as CJ notices the items are all last years. Steve asks CJ to return the items so Steve can to talk to D.J. about proposing to CJ.

Steve, CJ and Rose arrive after attending the Bay Area Podiatrists annual New Year's Gala, for D.J.'s New Years party. As Steve and D.J. rehearse Steve's proposal, CJ overhears and jumps to the conclusion that Steve is still in love with D.J. As CJ is about to leave with Rose, Steve takes her hand and gets down on one knee. Being extremely nervous and not able to get the words out, Steve gives the ring to D.J. and asks her to propose for him. Matt walks in as D.J. is proposing to CJ in front of Stephanie, Fernando, Jackson, Max, Rose, Jimmy, Bobby and Ramona. CJ accepts the proposal.

Season 3

Best Summer Ever

CJ and Steve announce they have set a date for their wedding - at the end of the summer - in Japan. CJ goes on by saying her step father lives there and he will be paying for the wedding.

Say Yes to the Dress

CJ attends the "Gibbler Style Party Planning presents Steve and CJ's pre-wedding schedule meeting followed by karaoke fun". She is jealous when Steve and D.J. sing together.

When CJ goes to the Bridal Shop to pick up her wedding dress, she finds D.J. wearing it.


  • Steve mistakenly calls CJ, DJ all the time.


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