Break a Leg is episode 28 of Fuller House.  


D.J. discovers Stephanie is borrowing her car to be an Uber driver for extra money on the side, so she decides to become her life coach. Then… Stephanie breaks her ankle during their initial “fun” run.

Kimmy is annoyed that Steve won’t hire her to plan his wedding in Japan, so she plans a Japanese showcase with Ramona to convince him otherwise (and is successful).

Jimmy and Fernando move in together.

Max tries to woo his classmate Rose with his tiny backyard pool, only to be upstaged by his rival Taylor.

Guest Cast


  • After Jodie Sweetin snapped her ankle and shinbone after attempting to hop over a fence to retrieve a toy for her 6-year-old daughter, Jeff Franklin had to re-write half the season to accommodate her.



For all screencaps from Break a Leg see here

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