Bobby Popko is a recurring character in Fuller House. He is portrayed by Isaak Presley
Bobby Popko





Season 1

The Legend of El Explosivo

Bobby is Jackson's best friend, or as he likes to put it, his 'Kimmy Gibbler'. Bobby likes to live life on the extreme side, urging his friends to do dangerous and extreme activities including skateboarding off roofs and wrestling while he records and ultimately uploads the videos to YouTube. According to Max, Bobby's parents are very rarely at home, leaving Bobby by himself most of the time.

Season 2

Ramona's Not-So-Epic First Kiss

Bobby was Ramona's first kiss.

Girl Talk

Happy New Year, Baby

Season 3

My Little Hickey

He apologises to Ramona for giving her a hickey that she has to hide from her mother, until Kimmy sees it at Laser Tag.

Wedding or Not Here we Come

Bobby gives Ramona a card with a poem inside saying he wants to see other girls while she is in Japan for the following 5 days. Ramona responds by dumping him.



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